Structure Analysis Of Ultra-high Pressure Water Jet Cutting Machine

  1. Cutting platform

       The ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting machine has two types: gantry cutting platform and cantilever cutting platform. The cantilever type is generally welded by castings or steel parts. Domestic medium and small ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting machines are mostly used. The gantry type is made up of multiple pieces of cast iron or welded parts connected by insert pins or bolts, and is mainly used for large ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting machines that are difficult to manufacture.

2. Operating platform

       The operating platform of the ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting machine consists of a computer system and a control panel. The computer system directly processes the image that needs to be cut. Because it directly participates, in order to improve the cutting effect, the computer system must have a strong response processing capability.

       Because the wear of various parts during processing is very uneven, especially the position of the lower part near the discharge port is the most severely worn. For this reason, it is generally necessary to control the top and bottom symmetry on the control panel. After the bottom part is worn, it is turned upside down to extend it. Service life. The large ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine is composed of many blocks, each block can be interchanged, and its purpose is to extend its service life.

3. Transmission mechanism

       It is mainly composed of a pulley 10, an eccentric shaft 8, a connecting rod 9, and front and rear thrust plates 12, 13 and so on. The eccentric shaft is supported in the main bearing on the side wall of the frame. The upper part of the connecting rod is installed on the eccentric position of the eccentric shaft. When the motor drives the eccentric shaft to make a rotary motion, the connecting rod is driven to move up and down due to the eccentricity, thereby driving the thrust plate to move.

4.  Intensifier system

       The pressurization system of the ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting machine is constantly changing when it is working, and sprays water in the form of high pressure to achieve the cutting effect.