Sullage Removel System

Sullage removal system of waterjet cutting machine

There are large amounts of water mud and sand mud after cutting, more and more sand sediment will eventually fill the water tank.The water tank cleaning work is very hard and tired: 2 people need to spend 1-2 days time to clean it up, and machine has to stop the working during this time, and it will bring a big inconvenience to the user.

TeenKing has pears of practical experiences, which we have designed this sullage removal system, through the embedded pipes which are at the bottom of the water tank, uses this high efficient automatic clearing pump, circulating the mud water out of the water tank to the ton bag which is in the sullage removal system, and the redundant sewage back into the water tank such a continuous circle, until the mud is full in the ton bag, remove it with a forklift or crane, no human labor is needed with this whole process, besides that, the machine don’t have to stop and wait for a second, creates a clean working condition.

blob.png(single tank) blob.png

It will produce a large amounts of mud water and sand mud sediment after cutting works, more and more sand mud sediment will eventually fill the water tank,  and water tank cleaning work is very hard and aversive, you need about 1 day to clean this with at least 2 workers at the same time, and also facing environmental pollution while doing this process.

blob.png( Double Tank) 

This simple and high efficient sullage removal system is designed by TeenKing, the principle is: during the cutting process, through the high efficient automatic cleaning sludge pump (pneumatic diapghragm pump), from the embedded pipes which are in the bottom of the tank, there are small holes on the pipe to such the mixed mud sewage continually, it pumps to the large container which is inside the sullage removal system (normally the ton bags), after deposition, the sewage water returns back to the water tank, and the sand mud stays remain in the ton bag until its full, remove it with crane. The whole process of automated, without any human operation.