Teenking 3D Waterjet

Teenking 3D waterjet

It is a 5-axis motion. With 2 rotating axis, 3D waterjet can cut at fixed or varying angle on 2D or 3D worksheet surface.


Teenking 3D waterjet is most popularly applied in extensive processing industries, handling all kinds of complicated cutting cases easily, such as vertical cut, tiltling cut and cut on 3D part surface, etc. With dynamic compensation, 3D head offsets the natural taper of jet to ensure the exact cutting effect and high accuracy.


Main function

a) Dynamic vertical cut compensating,

b) Beveling cut within ±60º(extendable to ±90º),

c) Cut with varying angle (within ±60º) on 2D and 3D part surface (extendable to ±90º)



Why Teenking 3D waterjet?

a) Prime Patented Design with excellent sealing, expending service life of cutting head

b) Harmonic drive inside(no backlash), decreasing maintenance cost in future

c) Infinite C axis rotation, avoiding travel limit in processing

d) Water/dust proof: lp64, ensure good working state of cutting head


Teenking 3D is the best choice for all your verious cutting!