Teenking Waterjet Trump-line Pump



High efficiency, cost effective, steady performance, low maintenance... all these attractive advantages are still the main reasons for users to choose our Teenking waterjet hydraulic drive intensifier boosted high pressure pump. The most popular model is 420MPa/4150bar . But Teenking also developed 50hp,80hp, 100hp and 160hp… high pressure pump, which can meet the need of customers’ different application.


The main advantages :


1.Intensifier is the main core of waterjet pump . For make sure its’ stable performance and low maintenance, we choose USA ERTI assembled intensifier/ USA original KMT H2O intensifier (Optional) which is high quality with high-end technology.


2.Inboard attenuator with 10mm steel cover ,more safer


3.Built-in fan-oil cooling system, better heat dissipation effect.


4.Internally installed relied valve, release waterjet pressure within few seconds.


5. Apply famous world-wide brand parts, such as: oil pump and oil circulating pump, Siemens motor/soft starter system