The Advantages Of TEENKING Waterjet

1, the cutting accuracy, we are ±0.02-0.05mm,
2,All stainless steel covers for the machine,
3,Low/high pressure function, easy for fragile materials cutting

Low/High pressure shifting by programmed piercing control, especially used for breakable material.
4, Special software for Teenking--includes different materails cutting parameter
smart control softwear with built-in dynamic ideal cut speed for different material and thickness.
5, wireless keboard and mouse
wireless remote-control keboard work with laser pointer system, absolute easily and quickly locating of cutting head. 
6,cutting head can be manual 60 degrees cutting
cutting head adjustable tilt ±60 degrees in X (or X&Y) dirrection, available for chamfering.
7,laser pointer for easy positioning cutting head
8,Siemens Motor
9,Omron parts,Schneider parts