The First Choice For Parquet


   Waterjet parquet is the use of ultra-high pressure technology to press ordinary tap water to a pressure of 250-400Mpa, and then through a jewel nozzle with an inner hole diameter of about 0.15-0.35mm to form a high-speed jet with a speed of about 800-1000m/s, adding an appropriate amount Abrasives are used to cut stone, metal and other raw materials into various patterns. Stone waterjet mosaic is the most common waterjet mosaic on the market. It uses waterjets to cut stones of various colors into the required shapes, and then stitch them together with glue. Marble, granite, jade and artificial stone are all good material choices. At this stage, stone mosaic is mainly used in star hotels, large shopping malls, villas, home improvement living rooms, restaurants and entrances. It is the most beautiful and noble decorative product in stone decoration.

     Teenking waterjet can cut any material at one time with any curve (except water cutting, other cutting methods will be restricted by the variety of materials);

      No heat and harmful substances are generated during cutting, and the material has no thermal effect (cold cutting);

      No need or easy secondary processing after cutting, safe, environmentally friendly, low cost, fast speed, high efficiency, can realize cutting processing of any curve, convenient and flexible, and versatile.

       The main products of Teenking areTK-Trump Gantry CNC table , TK-Trump Flyarm CNC table , mobile water cutting equipment, high pressure cleaning equipment and so on.

      Teenking areTK-Trump Gantry CNC table , TK-Trump Flyarm CNC table, mobile water cutting equipment, high-pressure cleaning equipment adhering to cold cutting, environmental protection and pollution-free, small size, easy to carry, strong functions and many other advantages, widely used in: special police High-risk areas such as EOD, destruction of hazardous materials, fire and rescue, petrochemicals, road and bridge maintenance, tunnel mining, ship cutting, coal mining, etc. Non-contact cold working process, no coking and hot cracking, no secondary processing.

       Teenking, as well as gantry water cutting equipment for ceramic tiles, cantilever water cutting equipment for rock slabs, mobile water cutting equipment, high pressure cleaning equipment, gantry water cutting equipment for rock slabs, three-axis water cutting equipment, five-axis water cutting equipment, etc. .