The Introduction Of KMT-STREAMLINE Pump

 In order to meet t he different cutting requirements , we also provide you with the state-of –the –art high pressure pumps, such as the “KMT-STREAMLINE” 6200bar/60hp ultra-high pressure system(made in USA).

   Benefits of the KMT ‘S PRO –III Intensifier

-          Revised high pressure seal design using the optimized SUPRALIFT seal for a longer lifetime

-          Patented Intensifier Design

-          Sophisticated heat treat of the seal head body

-          Titanium discharge check valve

-          Stainless steel liners

-          Optimized hydraulic piston design for a better sense of the proximity switch

-          Super polished plunger

   Available in two performance classes

   The STREAMLINE PRO is available in two models with 45kw and 93kw.At a pressure of 6,200 bar, the machines offer volumetric flows of 2.8l/min and 5.8l/min respectively .This enables operator to cut with single or multiple heads.