The Main Use Of Waterjet Cutting Products

The main use of waterjet cutting products

          The main use of waterjet cutting machine is in the machining industry. It is divided into three types according to its use effect and main purpose, so that professional CNC waterjet  manufacturers can introduce you how to classify waterjet cutting products.

        The first is to cut non-combustible materials, such as marble, tiles, glass, cement products, etc., which is a material that cannot be processed by thermal cutting, because thermal cutting is prone to cracks.


        Second, cutting flammable materials, such as steel, plastic, cloth, polyurethane, wood, leather, rubber and other conventional thermal cutting can also process these materials, but it is easy to produce burning zone and burrs, but the water cutting process will not produce burning zone and The burr, the physical and mechanical properties of the material being cut are not changed, which is also a major advantage of water cutting.

        The third is to cut flammable and explosive materials, such as ammunition and cutting in flammable and explosive environments, which cannot be replaced by other processing methods.

        There are many types of waterjet cutting machines. You can purchase waterjet cutting machines according to your own needs. Our products are mainly used in the ceramic tile processing industry to understand more and better for the development of the industry.