The Most High Technology Of Cutting Technology

Industrial gas flame cutting, plasma arc cutting, laser cutting, ultrasonic cutting, high pressure water jet cutting... So many modern cutting techniques, which is the most used?

"Waterjet", with water as a knife. It is not difficult to imagine that the waterjet is a soft knife. However, ordinary water can easily cut a thick steel plate and can engrave various shapes of metal parts, but it is hard to imagine.Right, Now Teenking guide you to learn more about the waterjet, which can help you solved all different kind of material cutting difficult question. 

Unlike traditional cutting tools, waterjet is the only cold high energy beam machining technology in the world. Compared with traditional processing methods, the advantages of waterjet are: can cut any material, no thermal damage, small slit, small burr, small cutting force, simple clamping, easy processing of slender parts and complex fine parts, no Cutting troubles, no coolant contamination, no need to change the knife. Compared with laser processing, waterjet equipment is cheaper, has more types of cuttable materials, has a larger cutting thickness, and has no burns on the workpiece, and no toxic gas is emitted during the cutting process. Compared with WEDM, waterjet cutting speed is 10 times faster and can cut conductive and non-conductive materials.

Smart waterjet

Since the first patent of the high-pressure water jet cutting system was introduced in 1968, the high-pressure waterjet has experienced more than forty years of development and has moved to a one-stop processing mode of high pressure, high precision and high intelligence. High precision and high intelligence are a development trend of waterjets, mainly reflected in the application of waterjets from the original breaking materials to the machining of mechanical parts. At present, high-pressure intelligent waterjet has been widely used in aerospace, automotive, locomotive, steel, paper, food, art, various equipment processing workshops and other fields. Boeing and Airbus have used a large number of intelligent waterjets for machining. In recent years, intelligent waterjets have been widely used in the processing of locomotive parts for high-speed rail transit (moving cars, light rails, subways, etc.) in China. .

5 axis waterjet  cutting machine with I head