The Simple Principle Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Laser

Fiber laser cutting machine laser is fiber as a working material (gain media) mid-IR laser with great development potential, the launch incentives can be classified as rare-earth-doped fiber lasers, optical nonlinear effect in single crystal lasers, fiber lasers, optical fiber soliton laser and so on. Among them, the rare-earth-doped fiber lasers have been very mature, such as erbium doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) has been widely used in optical fiber communication systems. High fiber laser is mainly used in the military (electro-optical countermeasures, laser detectors, laser communications), laser (laser marking, laser droids, laser micro-machining), laser, medical and other fields.

Fiber is SiO2 substrate material into entities of glass fiber, its light guiding principle is to use the principle of total reflection, that is, when the light is greater than the critical angle by the refractive index of light in terms of dense medium, small light refractive media, total internal reflection occurs, all reflection to refraction of incident light Optically dense medium. Small light refractive media is not light to pass through. Ordinary bare fiber high refractive index glass by the Centre core (4~62.5 μ m in diameter), intermediate low refractive index glass cladding (core diameter 125 μ m) and the strengthening of the external resin coating composition. Fiber by transmitted optical modes can be divided into single mode (SM) fiber optic multimode (MM) fiber. Single-mode fiber core diameter is smaller (4~12 μ m in diameter), only spread a mode light pattern on its model is smaller. Multimode optical fiber core diameter of coarse (diameter greater than 50 μ m), can spread multiple modes of light, but the larger pattern on its model. Classified according to the distribution of refraction stepped refractive index (SI) fibre and gradient-index (GI) fiber.

To re doping fiber laser for cases, mixed has re particles of fiber core as gain media, doping fiber fixed in two a reflection mirror between constitute resonance cavity, pump beam from M1 incident to fiber in the, from M2 output laser, dang pump beam through fiber Shi, fiber in the of re ion absorption pump beam, its electronic was incentive to high of inspired level Shang, achieved particles number reverse. Reversal of particles in the form of radiation transfer from a higher level to the ground state, the output.