The Stability Of Laser Cutting Machine

How to measure the stability of a laser cutting machine is good, many shoppers are more concerned about a problem. Common laser cutting machine on the market today mainly by the host, Rails, rack and pinion or ball screw, the drive mechanism components, here are from a few parts to make a simple analysis.

Host by two longitudinal beams and side frame. Machine frame made up of side frames and beams, beams with rectangular structure, tempered to stress, with very high strength and stiffness, beams can be installed on more than one mobile trolley. Horizontal moving device using drag chain. Mechanical high precision rack and pinion drive, the Guide adopts imported high precision special guide refined form, fastened with sliding Guide by precision machining bearing concrete or steel-framed on the basis of, and equipped with adjusting bolt to install and adjust. Drive system mounted on the vertical side of the vertical rack in the low position designed to make driving more reasonable and stable.

Longitudinal end frame bottom has before and after two a scroll round can along guide smooth scroll, before and after end with guide scraping chip device to guarantee guide surface no debris, bottom sides with oriented role of eccentric clip tight round, laser cutting machine for ensure machine of oriented precision, this machine in horizontal drive, and cut torch lifting are added set has high strength linear Guide (cross drive or used high precision fine mill Guide. Precision machining of gear and rack make sure machine vertical and lateral transmission accuracy and eliminates the gap.