Water Jet

Q: Can the waterjet equipment show signs of excessive pressure and blasting?

Answer: All the low-pressure machines and components in the waterjet equipment have the same safety hole. When the pressure is too high, the water will overflow from the safety hole, thus lowering the external pressure and preventing blasting.

Q: How big is the sound of waterjet cutting?

A: There is a certain tone in the waterjet cutting. The abnormal cutting tone is usually 80-85dB. The sand tube is far away from the cutting workpiece, and the music is far away. During the cutting process, the operator must be sure to wear earplugs.

Q: Can waterjet cutting be green?

A: The whole process of waterjet cutting is green, non-toxic and harmful. The water-cut consumables water and abrasives are natural data, and the cut data is non-toxic and harmful, and the cut wastewater can be directly discharged, and the waste can be dumped in the scale garbage dump.

Q: The waterjet cuts the water request?

A: Waterjet cutting water is usually a common tap water. In some areas, hardened water assembly is used to remove calcium and magnesium ions from the water to cover low-pressure components and extend the service life.

Q: Can the water after the waterjet cutting be applied repeatedly?

A: The water in the water tank can be repeatedly applied after being filtered. However, the water cut by the water jet is not much water. After filtering the water, the application will increase the cost, which is not economical for the customer.