Water Jet Cutting Accuracy

1. What is the cutting accuracy of the waterjet machine? 

     The precision of the waterjet machine is the best in the cutting machine tool. The high pressure water        jet produced by the waterjet acts on less than 1 square millimeter square meter, and its cutting                  precision can reach 0.05 mm.

2. How thick can the earth waterjet machine?

      This depends on the hardness of the material itself, such as cutting stone, water jet  can cut 150cm            thickness, and cut steel plate about the thickness of 100cm-150mm, but can cut 200mm foam...

3.  What kind of material that waterjet cutting machine can do?

       Waterjet  are known as "universal cutting machines" that can cut almost any material, such as                   steel, alloy, stone, ceramics, etc. Of course, some materials that cannot be cut for their own reasons,         such as toughened glass, are the exception.

Glass cutting sample    Pure water jet cutting sample