Waterjet Machine Operation Attention (1)

Waterjet cutting machine operation attention

1. After using the nozzle for a period of time, it can be used to rotate the angle of nozzle, to increase the life of the nozzle.

 2. Please do not rush to buy parts that are not provided by the manufacturer. Not only can the quality of the parts not be guaranteed, but also the equipment may be damaged, resulting in greater losses. At the same time, it will also lose the manufacturer's warranty on your equipment. .

 3. The user can back up the parameters in the CNC system to recover when needed.

 4. When the user cannot determine the cause of the fault after the fault occurs, please observe the fault phenomenon (including the value of the oil pressure gauge and the water pressure gauge, the frequency of the commutation, the button that triggers the fault, etc.) and report it to the customer service personnel of the TEENKING waterjet. Analyze and identify the cause of the fault under the guidance of the customer service staff and eliminate it.

 5. Do you know how to quickly determine which end of the high and low pressure check valve sales is not sealed? In fact, we can use both hands to touch the high and low pressure parts at both ends, the sealing effect of the higher temperature end is certainly not good.

 6. In order to prevent water leakage when the steel pipe is connected, the thread of the steel pipe head must be higher than the screw pad by more than three teeth.

 7. When there is a fault, it is impossible to judge whether the problem is in the waterway or the oil circuit. The waterway section can be removed (the high-pressure cylinder is removed later), then the oil pump and the high-pressure water switch are turned on to observe whether the cylinder piston reversing is normal. To determine if the problem is a waterway fault or a oil path fault.

    8. After the normal power on, press the high pressure water button until it is loose. At this time, the device will stop the reversing and display the highest pressure. If the oil pressure gauge can be raised to the actual pressure, the relief valve can be determined to be normal.