Waterjet Machine Operation Attention (2)

Waterjet Machine Operation Attention 

9. Normally start up, but when the equipment is no reversal changing , we can remove the two electric plugs on the reversing valve. Then alternately replace the valve plug inside the rubber cover at both ends of the valve by hand. If the equipment can be reversed again. Can confirm that the reversing valve is normal.

10.  When the intensfier is turned on for the first time after maintenance, in order to protect the equipment, the pressure needs to be lowered first, and then slowly raised to the use pressure.

11. Where the seal is installed on the intensifier, it is necessary to apply grease when installing.

12. All the threads on the intensifier need to be coated with blue grease to prevent the thread stuck death.

13. When installing the nozzles and ruby orifice, never tighten the threads. To prevent damage to the ruby orifice or to pinch the sand nozzle.

14. It is recommended to loosen the thread between the high pressure cylinder and the low pressure cylinder head every two or three days to prevent the high pressure cylinder and the low pressure cylinder head from being too tightly connected.

15. Before the normal start-up machine every day, please check in advance whether the relevant water, electricity and air are all in place.