Waterjet Machine Operation Attention (3)

Waterjet Machine Operation Attention 

16. Please ensure that the ambient temperature of the equipment is above zero to avoid freezing the parts on the equipment.

17. The cutting height of the cutting head from the workpiece is 2mm-3mm.

18. When there is a quality problem with the parts purchased by the user, please provide the factory number of the equipment, the actual use time of the parts and the description of the fault phenomenon.

19. When the CNC system prompts the limit or emergency stop alarm, the device cannot open the high pressure water.

20. When the pressure relay on the intensifier alarms or is damaged, the device cannot open the oil pump.

21. Reduce the oil temperature of the intensifier as much as possible, which can greatly increase the life of the seal ring and reduce the cost.

22. Appropriate pressure reduction will not only reduce the cutting efficiency, but also increase the life of the consumables.

23. When processing brittle materials (such as glass, ceramics, etc.), reducing the pressure at the time of punching can effectively control the breakage rate of the material.

24. Add a USB extension cable to the U disk interface on the CNC system, so you don't have to worry about poor U disk contact or interface damage due to repeated insertion and removal of the U disk.

5 axis waterjet  cutting machine with I head