Waterjet Machine With 4 Cutting Head

4 cutting head waterjet machine 

multi heas.jpg

1. According to the working principle of double cutting head of waterjet,when you cutting thin and soft material, cutting with multi cutting head can increase output greatly. Of course, if you want to cut thick and hard material It can also be malti cutting head, but just the pupm power should be increased correspondingly.

2. 1-4 cutting head water jet machine can working simultaneously, the cutting head distance can be adjust, and the number of cutting head can be choose freely. Without use of cutting head can be move to end of beam, and which can not effect the avaible cutting range of other cutting head.

Remark : Due to the 4 head cutting water flow is 1 t imes of single head cutting, so must to selects the high-prssure pump with 2 intensifire, to support double cutting head with a full load of sand cutting.