Waterjet Parquet Also Has Two Major Categories

Application field of waterjet machine 

As waterjets are becoming more and more be known and widely appled in Market, many manufacturers have begun to use waterjets. Waterjet parquet is mainly used in stone, metal, etc., so today we have introduced the two main categories of waterjet parquet.

Stone waterjet

1. Water Jet in Stone parquet (marble / granite /  artifical stone cutting machine): 

stone waterjet parquet (marble cutting machine) is the most common waterjet parquet on the market. It is the use of waterjet to cut the stone of various colors into the required shape, and then use Glued together. Marble, granite, jade and artificial stone are good materials to choose from. At present, stone mosaic (marble cutting machine) is mainly used in star-rated hotels, large shopping malls, villas, home improvement living rooms, restaurants and entrances. It is the best and most noble decorative product in stone decoration.

Stone waterjet machine

2. Metal waterjet parquet: 

The metal used for waterjet parquet mainly consists of stainless steel and copper. Due to its high price and relatively simple color, it is mainly used to make some company or hotel signs at this stage. Stones are combined to combine some mosaic patterns.5 axis cutting sample