Waterjet Professional Knowledge (1)

How long can the waterjet nozzle be used continuously?

The influencing factors of nozzle application are: the difference of abrasive sand, the difference of assembly precision, the difference of application methods, the influence of rubby orifice, and the influence of Nozzle quality itself. As usual in 60-180 hours.

Do you need to punch holes after the waterjet cutting?

Waterjet cutting does not need to be punched a hole after water jet cutting.  When cutting, the water jet will actively break through the data and then stop cutting.

Is the waterjet cutting programming very difficult?

The waterjet equipment is CNC control system. NC Studio style is absolutely not difficult for the rest of the cutting skills.

What is the cost of running the waterjet?

The running cost of waterjet cutting includes: water consumption, electricity consumption, abrasive consumption, equipment depreciation, cover labor and other operating costs. It varies according to different regions.

When the waterjet is cutting moment and , what happens when water jet hits people? 

According to statistics, the application rate of waterjet users is much lower than that of popular machine users. When cutting, any part of the body can come to cutting area where the water jet passes. otherwse the waterjet-cutting will cause serious damage to the human body.

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