Waterjet Promotion In National Day

"10.1 " National Day Promotion

Teenking bridge type waterjetTeenking cantilever type waterjet machine

Full set of waterjet cutting machine

First, the background of the event:

1. The 15th anniversary of the establishment of Teenking Waterjet, in order to better prove the strength of Tianqing Company, to convey the business philosophy of Tianqing Company and enhance the brand image, it is imperative to carry out all-round promotion activities.

2. As the traditional Chinese National Day is a long holiday, overseas customers have also started the procurement period.

Below are the preferential policies.

During the National Day, any Tianjian company will purchase 3 waterjets, and Tianqing will send 3 large pieces.

--- 100L abrasive feeder 

--- water treatm

--- Fan cooling system