What Types Of Lasers, And What Are Their Differences?

What types of lasers, and what are their differences?
Former lasers for laser processing, mainly CO2 laser, YAG laser, fiber laser, and so on. High power CO2 laser and YAG laser in the confidential processing applications more; optical fiber lasers for fiber-matrix, reducing the threshold, oscillation wavelength range, has a clear advantage in terms of wavelength tunable performance, has become the currently emerging in the field of laser technology

Laser cutting machine cutting thickness is?
Laser cutting machine, cutting thickness does not exceed 25mm, comparing with other cutting methods, 20mm the following requirements for cutting accurate dimension of material has obvious advantages.

Application range of laser cutting machines are there?
Laser cutting machine with its wide range of cutting, high cutting speed, narrow kerf, good cutting quality, heat-affected zone of small and its flexibility is widely used in automobile manufacturing, kitchenware industry, metal processing, advertising industry, machinery manufacturing, chassis cabinets, Elevator, fitness equipment and other industries.