Which Brand Of Waterjet Is Best In Guangdong China

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We all have a wide range of concepts, using CNC equipment, you can get high precision, high power. Moreover, the Teenking high  pressure waterjet cutting machine wholesale factory in the same kind of equipment, imported, high-end equipment, with higher precision and higher production power.

However, CNC flame or plasma cutting is not the case at all. Regardless of whether the CNC flame cutting is still a plasma incision, since the cutting width is affected by various factors such as the cutting nozzle, no matter how high the precision of the device itself, the accuracy of the parts cut by it is usually ±0.5. Mmm dominates, its fault is several orders of magnitude higher than the device itself. Even if you use a million-dollar imported CNC cutting machine, you can only do so.

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It is the choice of flame or plasma cutting technology, no matter how high the machining accuracy is the same as other CNC equipment such as CNC lathes. In other words, the accuracy of the device itself is 6 or 8 and it is not very important. From the point of view of production power, the speed of cutting speed, taking flame cutting as an example, depends entirely on the thickness of the sheet, the type of cutting nozzle, the purity of oxygen, the quality of gas, etc. The moving speed of the equipment should meet the requirements of the habit cutting technology. . In other words, there is no direct contact between the cut-off power and the device itself. Of course, the CNC cut-off still exhibits considerable precision and high power, but this is not the case for manual cutting and cutting, as is the so-called machine tooling accuracy and power travel. From the above analysis, it can be seen that no matter what manufacturer produces CNC cutting, there will be no big difference in terms of cutting accuracy and production power. That is to say, even with a small numerical control that is as small as 10,000 yuan and a large numerical control with millions of imports, it is still the same, and the precision, roughness and production power of the processed parts are not greatly different.

Therefore, due to the limitation of processing technology, the equipment that can only be roughed, and the sorting equipment such as the processing base, is worth the valuable value to find the so-called high-end equipment that is designed to travel precision and power. It is not scientific. Instead of using *precious things on the device, the device becomes a high-end device. To measure whether a device is high-end, the evaluation should be based on the reliability and application of the device, not the value of the equipment used on it, not his offer.


For such equipment, under the condition of satisfying the technical requirements of cutting, the key to the system should be:

1. Safe operation

2. Maintenance and maintenance as usual

Weekly maintenance and maintenance

4. Month and quarter repair and maintenance

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