Which Material And Working Condition Are Suitable For Waterjet?


In theory, ultra-high pressure water cutting can cut any material, but it is still valued in practical applications. Which materials are suitable for cutting with ultra-high pressure water? Under what circumstances will water cuts be considered?

The application of ultra-high pressure water cutting is mainly concentrated in three aspects. On the one hand, it is the cutting of non-combustible materials, such as marble, ceramic tiles, glass, and cement products, because these materials cannot be processed by thermal cutting technology; on the other hand, it is cutting flammable and explosive materials, such as ammunition and inflammable and inflammable materials. Cutting in an explosive environment cannot be replaced by other processing methods.

Cutting combustible materials is also the object of ultra-high pressure water cutting, including steel plate, plastic, cloth, polyurethane, wood, leather, rubber, etc. Although these materials can be processed by thermal cutting, they are prone to burn areas and burrs. The application of ultra-high pressure water cutting can reduce the occurrence of similar problems and ensure that the physical and mechanical properties of the cutting material remain unchanged.

Generally speaking, if processing methods such as laser, plasma, flame, wire cutting, sawing, milling, etc. can basically meet the processing requirements, water cutting is not appropriate. After all, the running cost of water cutting is very high. Nozzles, guide bushes, and high-pressure seals are all expensive consumables.

However, if the thickness of laser and plasma cutting is too thin, the burrs produced are too large, and the heat-affected zone is unfavorable, ultra-high pressure water cutting can be considered; or when the burrs of flame cutting are too large, the roughness is too poor, and the heat When the affected zone is too large, water cutting can also be used.

If you are not satisfied with the wire cutting speed and cannot cut non-conductive materials, the water cutting process of ultra-high pressure water cutting can solve everyone's worries; ultra-high pressure water cutting is our first choice, in order not to produce toxic gases during the cutting process, no Produce thermal effects, deformation or micro-cracks, no secondary processing, but also to produce good trimming quality and cutting small holes.