CNC Controlling Software For Teenking's High Pressure Waterjet Machine

CNC Controlling Software For Teenking's High Pressure Waterjet Machine
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2. Control System & Software for Teenking waterjet machine

Waterjet is the enviromentally friendly technology used to cut accurately any materials with ultra high pressure water (up to 6.200 Bar).


TK-NC Studio CNC System


Configuration: TK-NC Studio® / Windows System

ISA computer, Ethernet , Pentium CPU SSD

BUS Transport Protocol,Absolute Coordinate System,Multi Axis CNC Control Waterjet Cutting System

compatible formats : dxf. nc. cnc. eng. plt. G-code


Key Features

15" Industrial LED Monitor Wireless Mouse & Keyboard Built-in Material Date Base Absolute Coodination


Control Software TK-NC Studio (CNC Control Software) / NC Editor (A Free CAD/CAM Editor)



Control System Software (NC Studio):

※Friendly control interface ※Reliable and durable operation. ※compatible with IGEMS CAD/CAM/NESTING software, extendable

by module: tile parquet, tube cutting, camera sheet positioning, 3D toolpath generator. ※Dynamic cutting speed/abrasive volume control ※Z Axis piercing height Control ※Follow cutting height by detector. ※Follow cutting height by laser scanning system ※Break Point Resume, Any point continue. ※Cutting Time & Cost Evaluation. ※Consumable lifetime Reminder ※Multi-Origins ※Revolve Program ※Simu-mode On Office Computer ※Auto-Error Diagnose ※Backup-Restore software ※Remote Assistant

Integrated CAD/CAM Software (NC Editor):

※Draw/design your job with simple tool, such as square, circle, polygon, straight line, and curve. ※ import designed part from other software with format: dxf, plt, g-code ※Edit lead-in/lead-out, kerf compensation, direction, cut order, set origin, change size, position. ※Select object(s), or start point, end point to machining from program. ※specify different speed or beveling angle on each contour of part.

Output nce format, compatible with g-code format from IGEMS

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