NC Studio WaterJet Control System

NC Studio WaterJet Control System
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NC-Studio control system of waterjet machine
A powerful waterjet programming-Practical function ensures easy-using and efficiency!
※ Easy operation. Built-in TeenKing material database, simply choose material and thickness, machine will automatically finish the remaining work, and give you ideal part.


※ Dynamic speed control: auto speeding up/down control in details or corners to optimize cutting quality.


※ Z-Height control:
1, AUTO TRACKING(optional): work with height detector.
2, INPUT THICKNESS: input thickness to inform controller.
3, MOVE & SET: manually move and set cutting height position.
4, by program: user can program the Z volume to control height during cutting.


※ Optimal piercing:
1, Pierce in high level and cut in low level, to avoid the nozzle get stuck when starting.
2, Pierce accurately when abrasive arrive to nozzle.
3, pierce in low pressure and cut in high pressure.


※ Auto dual-pressure shift: Pierce in low pressure and cut in high-pressure , optimize cutting in breakable material. Pierce in low pressure with low abrasive feedrate, auto shift cutting in high-pressure with high abrasive feedrate, especially for thick breakable material. Cut(writing) only by low pressure(without high-pressure)


※ Over range protection: Travel range limit switch protected in X,Y,Y1,Z,A,B(C) axis Soft limit protected in X,Y,Y1,Z,A,B(C) axis, to avoid any possible accident happen during machining. Cutter crash protect sensor(optional).

※ Power-break resume: User can continue the program after power-break, accuracy insured by back to machine reference sensors.

※ Numeric control abrasive feeder: Operator can precisely handle the volume of abrasive, just push the volume bar to choose the abrasive volume showing on screen, maximally realize your application .

※ Match with third party CAD/CAM software User can directly ask third-party pretreatment software producer such as IGEMS, speed and valve control can be defined by program optimized.

※ Cutting-cost-estimate: User can make a fast program simulation, to get total machining time according to the chosen material and thickness data.


※ Trouble-shooting diagnose. Any issue of program or hardware will be shown on the screen by red color warning information, accordingly showing I/O port


※ Z-axis up/down During cutting, the cutting head can be raise up by setting the raise up height parameter.
※ Break restore auto save position exit in the system, user can restore the job, recreate accuracy by back to reference zero point.
※ System backup User can back up the whole system and keep it separately, if any mistake or accident, user can restore the system easily.
※ Online update. free online update through internet remote control by producer.


※ Simulate on other computer System software can be installed on other computer to convenience user to simulate the program without occupying machine Software/Based on TEENKING NC-Studio® water-jet cutting expert (with free update) / Windows 7 Computer configuration ISA computer, LCD touch screen , USB, Pentium4\50G SSD. Matched file format dxf. plt. nce. nc. cnc. eng. G-code, Matched H/P system: KMT, Accustream, H2O, etc.(others on request)

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